报告题目 (Title):GPU-Accelerated Biomolecular Simulations(GPU加速的生物分子模拟)

报告人 (Speaker):Prof. Huan-Xiang Zhou, University of Illinois Chicago, USA(周焕祥教授,美国伊利诺伊大学芝加哥分校)

报告时间 (Time):2024年7月11日(周四) 9:30

报告地点 (Place):校本部 E106

邀请人 (Inviter):郭聪 副教授


摘要 (Abstract):

Intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) account for a significant fraction of any proteome and are central to numerous cellular functions. Yet how sequences of IDPs code for their conformational ensembles, conformational dynamics, and ultimately, functions is poorly understood. I will report our advances from GPU-accelerated molecular dynamics simulations. Three topics will be covered. (I) IDPs in solution. Results include force field selection [1], AI-based conformational mining [2], and characterization and prediction of sequence-dependent backbone dynamics [3, 4]. (II) IDP-membrane association. Results include characterization of fuzzy membrane association [5] and prediction of residue-specific membrane association propensities [6]. (III) Liquid-liquid phase separation. Results include calculations of thermodynamic and dynamic properties of biomolecular condensates [7, 8].

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